The charismatic city of Garland is a historical and cultural melting pot in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. It has the rich, diverse history of Texas as well as Native American heritage. Mr. Website Designer aims to work with its residents in bringing its traditional establishments and local stores to the 21st Century through web design.

Understanding the vast and complex market in Garland is not an easy task. Mr. Website Designer is known for website design and website development not because of pure visual aspect alone. Alex, an experienced web designer, believes in individualized customer experiences, and this is what he follows in order to better grasp his clients’ target market here in Garland, Texas.

Our Website Designing and Developing Services in Garland

Graphic Design - Translating the vision of the client into tools of brand identity and marketing including, but not limited to Logo Design, Social Media Content Creation, Business Card Design, Brochure and Flyer Design, Tradeshow & Booth Materials, Powerpoint Design, Email & Newsletter Design, and Photo Touch-up and Correction. Rest assured that the designs and layouts Mr. Website Designer produces for companies are entirely original, creative, professional, and innovative. Graphic design is meant to convey a message and speak of company brand, and this is what Alex upholds in every project.

Website Design - Focusing on Custom Website Design, WordPress Websites, E-commerce Websites, Custom SquareSpace Websites, Custom Shopify Websites, User Experience, and Website Hosting & Security. We are set on building eye-catching and user-friendly websites keen on giving your customers a smooth and hassle-free experience every time they want to shop, reserve, or inquire about your products and services online. Alex follows the fundamental rules of website development: Keep it engaging and effective.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Improving your Google Search ranking through a wide variety of online strategies, which includes placing your store in Google Maps and Google Business Listing. Having a website is only the first step. The next and more challenging part is making it stand out. As a diverse city, Garland is open to not only its residents, but also to nearby areas and even the rest of the DFW, Texas area. This means Local and National SEO need to be specialized and skillfully made in order to capture the attention of more potential clients. You can bet that when you hire Mr. Website Designer, this is exactly what Alex will be set on doing.

Why Choose Mr. Website Designer?

Mr. Website Designer is a small website design firm spearheaded Alex, a talented local web designer in Dallas Fort Worth. As a humble business, the firm prides itself in constantly high customer satisfaction. Our web designs are straightforward and easy to understand. The amount of research and attention poured in every website is not compromised. Delivery of output is always on time and presented professionally. All these make up a complete, satisfied customer experience -- And we would be more than happy to bring this to your business in Garland.

Get a better grasp of what Mr. Website Designer has to offer through a personal consultation. Let’s schedule a 45-minute meeting to discuss your business and its current website design and marketing needs. From there we can provide real, effective solutions on how to help generate leads and eventually sales. Call 214.509.8835 today!